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Aluminium Welding Service

A bespoke and mobile custom aluminium welding service based in The Hills District NSW

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Developing the skills and technique for welding aluminium is not something that happens overnight rather it takes years of practice and time on the tools.

With Aluminium being a light, cheap and attractive metal it is very commonly used on a whole range of metalwork projects.

When it comes to joining aluminium together the very properties that make it attractive such as soft, high heat conductivity and a resistive oxidized layer actually make it a lot more difficult to weld than steel.

Metalmac owner David McNeice has spent a lifetime honing his welding and fabrication skills and has all the necessary tool and equipment for your next custom aluminium project.

Metal works and Steel Fabricators in The Hills

We work with clients on all types of metal work projects. From custom engineering to repairs and maintenance we strive for the highest quality workmanship in everything we do.

Metalmac Metal Fabrication Service in the Hills District NSW

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