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Need A Custom Metal Fabricator in The Hills?

Customised fabrications are not just limited to larger industrial facilities and manufacturing plants, but could also be for domestic purposes such as security gates and fences, trailer modifications, garage racking, machinery maintenance or any other projects that involve shaping, bending, cutting, machining or welding steel.

We usually find that most people don’t know where to look when they are faced with unusual engineering problems but expert steel fabricator David McNeice has been able to forge a career out of helping people with the same.

Our Fabrication Project Examples

metal fabricator hills district

Welding a customized kitchen table leg structure

Finished kitchen table leg fabrication

The finished kitchen table leg fabrication installed


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    What Does Metal Fabrication Mean?

    The term ‘fabrication’ tends to confuse some people but the correct answer to this question is as follows:

    “to fabricate something from metal simply means to create, build and assemble any custom structure from steel or other metals, through means of cutting, shaping, bending, machining or welding.

    How Much Does Steel Fabrication Cost?

    Given the broad nature of this question and the highly diverse and customised nature of each individual job, it is very hard to be specific however factors that effect the cost are as follows:

    “The cost of metal fabrication for small to medium sized common jobs is usually between $300-$5,000, however, the factors that effect the cost of metal fabrication are the size of the job, quantity and type of metals required, machines and tooling costs and labor time needed