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Metal Fabrication

A bespoke custom metal fabrication service based in the Hills District NSW

Looking for an expert Steel Fabricator in Sydney?

Customized metal fabrication is a process that involves measuring, cutting, machining and welding any kind of steel materials to specific dimensions, to meet the needs of the customer. A fabricator will usually be called upon to carry out the work because the requirements of the item can not be met through a commercially available or a standard-sized mass-produced item.

This makes a metal workers role extremely diverse as every new job brings a new challenge both from creativity and an engineering standpoint.

It was the challenge and reward described above that always interested expert steel Fabricator David McNeice, and this interest carried him down the path of refining his craft to the point where he decided to start his own engineering workshop that we now know as Metalmac.

A Passion for custom metal fabrications

Based in The Hills Shire of north-western Sydney, David services everyone from local domestic and commercial clients, through to onsite maintenance work and welding for major projects and industrial manufacturing facilities. 

At Metalmac, all our work and processes are born out of a desire to create the most enjoyable and rewarding experience for our customers as possible. This includes helpful ideas and advice on new job enquiries, highest quality guaranteed workmanship and great value for money. David works as a one-man operator, so you are not paying for the overheads that come with running staff and a large company. 

Working with a Metal Fabricator

As previously mentioned, A metal fabricator’s role is extremely diverse with each project having its own context and requiring a customised engineering solution. Quite often, It is not only the experience of the fabrication company doing the work but also the ability of its employees to create, design and adapt dynamically.

1. Job Requirements

When a customer first meets with a custom metal fabrication expert, they will start by asking a series of questions about the engineering requirements of the project. From here they will consider several different aspects such as dimensions, structural strength and integrity, weight specifications, load specifications, architectural considerations, cost considerations, environmental and any other specific requirements.

2. Materials

With this information in mind, the fabricator can then decide on the most appropriate material for the role. For example, the product may be intended for use in rust-prone environments meaning high-quality stainless steel may be best suited for the role. In other cases, a cheaper material may be able to replace a more expensive material to meet cost constraints.

3. Design

After a decision has been made on requirements and materials metal fabricator can then use his creativity and technical knowledge to create a design incorporating all of the required components. When he is satisfied with the design it can then be sent to the client for final approval.

4. Assembly

Usually the most interesting and rewarding part of a job, the construction phase can include any number of tools and processes including machining, welding, CNC cutting, forming, bending, forging, stamping and many other manufacturing processes. A high-quality end result will be determined by a number of qualities about the individual(s) performing the work including, craftsmanship, attention to detail, equipment used, materials used and time taken.

Metals we fabricate and work with

Below is a list of many of the steels, alloys and other materials we work with.

  • Abrasion-resistant plate
  • Steel and steel alloys
  • Stainless steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Black Iron
  • High-temperature superalloys
  • Nickel and Nickel Alloys
  • Aluminium
  • Corten Steel

What does a Metal Fabricator do?

A Metal Fabricator is responsible for machining, shaping, forming, bending and welding metal to specific dimensions and manufacturing requirements to create custom engineering projects for their customers.

Metal works and Steel Fabricators in The Hills

We work with clients on all types of metal work projects. From custom engineering to repairs and maintenance we strive for the highest quality workmanship in everything we do.

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