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Conduit Packaging Jig

January 25th, 2021 by David McNeice

Conduit packaging Jig

Hi All, it’s been a while since my last post as I have been really busy fabricating away and seems the rebound out of COVID has been as dramatic for me as the initial slowdown during the peak of lock down….I hope many of you are also seeing the same and if you are not quite there yet hopefully not far from it although I am mindful there is still some hardship out there so all the best if in that situation.

One of the more unique projects of late is developing a Conduit Packaging Jig to help a local (Hills District, Sydney) manufacturer to streamline that operation. The Business owner armed with some concept drawings engaged Metalmac to tweak the design in to a practical working fabrication. They are now able to ‘stack crates with ease’ and ‘saving heaps of time compared to previous methods’.

Some core functions of this project are the jig is actually founded on a trolley base, which means it can easily be pushed around the yard to the location it is required. Once the jig is in the correct location it becomes very easy to position and fix the timber packaging and easy to stack in the storage location.

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